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It has been WAY too damned long since I've updated. Being punished doesn't own, it doesn't own at all. There is so much to catch up on in here.

Well, my mom is back into my life once again. She seems to have straightened herself up. Has a new guy, Tony, that is supporting her financially. She told us the other day that are pregnant. I'm kind of excited to be a big sis, actually. I'll be 17 by the time it's (hopefully she's) born. I have a strange feeling that I'll be mainly raising it. I dunno, we'll see.

So there's a guy at school. He isn't exactly a saint. I think I'm off my good little christian boy streak, for a while anyway. Frankly, it hasn't paid off. When I try to get a nice boy, it never works, so screw it.

School sucks ass. I'm beyond ready to be out of there.

I've gotten cool presents so far. Becca's stuff was mucho creative. That bag was kick ass, but it got all ripped. I was a tad pissed. Erin gave me chocolate, I could have humped her leg right there (haha, j/j). Cece gave me a Harry Potter Calender. I nearly hugged her until she turned blue. lol. She's also burned me two awesome mixed cds.
I'm at Nat's now. She, Britt, and I exchanged gifts. He got me the Keane cd! Nat gave me a HT gift card. I shall have mucho fun with that giftcard.

EH, I need to go. I'm sick of being punished now. My grades better go up considerably, cause this isolation is driving me nuts.

Anyway, later. I love you guys.


ja, erin woulda liked the humping too much o:)

January 2005

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