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I'm sick. I hate it. but I feel like I'm getting better

I got my grades back Wednesday (also woke up sick that day, how appropriate)
Here they are:
**What's in () is what I had on the last progress report**
BCA- B (A)
Algebra 2- B (A)
English 3- C (C)
Am. Hist. Honors- D (C)
Spanish 2- A (A)
Guitar- B (A)
Chemistry- C (D)

Only came up in one, stayed the same in 2 and everything else dropped. I'm punished yet again. I can't go out (I was told not even to ask), I'm not supposed to be on here, my phone time is supposedly limited. I found a loophole in the 1st part. I can have people OVER. Nat came yesterday :P

Phillip and Sharon broke up. They are 2 of a kind. really. Their personalities clashed in a big way, needless to say, it wasn't pretty. Phillip broke it off, but he's the one that it seems to have affected most. The 11th grade ccd class went to see that Terese movie at Grand Cinema. I sat by Phillip (long story, I'll get to it in a minute) and every now and then he'd ask me something about Sharon, like if she hates him or whatever. I had talked to her in 4th hour that day, and she said she doesn't hate him etc,etc, but he wouldn't listen.

OK, I'll explain what else happened at the movie. I sat on the second row from the top because I didn't wanna sit by certain people who have no importance to my story. Anyway, I had my small popcorn and Phillip sits a seat over from me. He was like I want some popcorn and takes mine. No big deal, I'm well used to that by now. I wanted some though, so I tried to take it back and it fell on the floor. Yeah needless to say I didn't want it anymore because you just don't know what's on those floors. So, 3 bucks wasted. I could tell he felt bad. Kind of funny to think of now. He scooped some back into the bucket and was like you still want it. I was like ummm...no. So he starts eating it... yeah good ol' Phillip. lol. Anyway, so the nasty floor popcorn gets passed around among the guys...ewww. Alicia and Ashley gave Phillip the rest of their popcorn (like half the large bucket) so I moved over and skeefed some of his and he stole my icee a couple times. I wish he would have gotten sick, now THAT would have been funny. Alas, I think he came out unscathed.... oh well. Fun times, fun times.

Oh and on the car ride home, I heard that Nelly song ft. Tim McGraw for the 1st time. It's pretty cool.

I guess that's all for now (and I'm willing to predict for a long while)

Love ya'll



January 2005

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