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Homecoming: the good, the bad, and the ripped

I've decided to let you subject yourself to the epicyclical sized post if you will, but I won't force you. Go for it if you're brave. : P

My cousin came over and fixed my hair for me. I really liked it! Lord I wish I could fix it like that myself! I had a ton of time to kill after that, so I watched some of the Green Mile. I love that movie. A bit after 6, I still wasn't completely ready, so I called Britt and told him to come at 6:45. Did the makeup and got on the dress, etc. That is one of the few times in my life when I have really thought I was beautiful. So he got there and we posed and it was fun. We left and went to D'Angelo's. haha, we were the only homecoming couple to show up, so we got free dessert. OMG chocolate! It was awesome! After that, we headed out to Central. We stopped at WalMart so I could get a camera and all that jazz. Then it was on to the school. I forgot to tell him when to turn to get us to the South parking lot, so we just parked in North. Tried to get into the gym by going back around the band room and such, and yeah, that didn't work, so we had to go all the way around the school. So we got over there, and I handed them the tickets. I thought that all the people that didn't go to CHS had to sign in, but if you had bought the tix in advance, they didn't care...hmmm. Anyway, we walked in and I saw some people, and I had to go take off the damned shoes...lol. After a (very) little while I started to feel rips in my dress. I guess to understand if you didn't see the dress I need to explain it. It was a bright blue with black gauzy fabric over it (with stars on it!). The gauzy part started coming apart at the seems in a few different places. It started out in small little tears, but they ended up to be about a foot long. I was highly stressed. I came close to crying at one point. Eventually I just said screw it and ripped it the rest of the way down the seam. If it had beem hemmed that way, it would have looked pretty cute... We were in the dark, so I don't think anyone could really tell anyway. I know one thing though, I'm never buy another damned dress like that. After all that drama I loosened up some. I saw all kinds of people. Erin and Becca were both absolutely gorgeous. Becca's friend Richard was a cutie and he could dance! It was funny to watch them. I'd love to go to an RHS dance... lord. lol. Britt was being a goof, and the dance moves he was coming up with....funny as hell. He had like 5 of us doing it at various points...funny stuff. Lord, this one girl wanted him so bad! It was pretty funny. She was all like omg, you look just like Leonardo DiCaprio!-- he's been told that many times, but I honestly don't see it. He just looks like Britt to me... Oh well. Erin wasn't feeling well, so they left. A little before they left though, Britt picked Erin up and carried her like half the length of the basketball court. I think Jason got mad. Other than that, I think things went ok.
OMG, around 11:30 or so I guess, a while after Erin and Jason had left, Becca, Richard, Britt and I had headed toward the DJ and were dancing and all and I looked over and this dude was on the ground face down kinda with his butt in the air and I thought for a second that he was about to start breakdancing or something. But then he slumped all the way over and started having a seisure. I felt so bad for him! There were like 3 or 4 chaperones holding him down, trying to keep him still and all. There was a pretty big crowd gathered and they were trying to get closer and all but eventually people went back to dance. After they got him out of there, I went and asked one of his friends if he'd been doing something and he said he hadn't been drinking or doing drugs or anything like that. I don't really believe that... I heard that someone was popping pills behind the Eiffel tower arrangement they had set up behind where the homecoming court sat. After all that madness was over some really good songs came on so we danced and it was fun. The last hour or so of that dance was the best part for me, save that guy that had the seisure. There was a blacklight up by the strobel lights and disco ball that the DJ had brought, and they had let loose, I guess it was supposed to be foam... It looked like it was snowing. I had it in my hair and on my arms. When it dried on me I had glow in the dark spots all over. It was pretty funny. They played Celine Dion's version of "At Last". That's my favorite. I hadn't thought about it before, but I think I might sing that for the Talent show this year if I can get my voice to cooperate. Heh, the bunny hop came on too. That reminds me of my stepsister. That was the one dance that I could do and Becca couldn't... I went into that dance warning them that I'm no good. lol. Britt and I left when they were doing the conga line or some shit. We had to walk all the way around the school to get back to the car. When we got back to the North parking lot, there were like 2 cars left. I saw a crown royal box and went and threw it in the dumpster and we found other various bottles and cans of beer. I seriously didn't wanna hear the shit on Monday, so I went and threw whatever I could in the dumpter. I got a little beer on my camera. I'm pretty sure its fine.
We were talking on the way home about...various things. When we got to my house, Mawmaw was still up, so we told her what all had happened with the guy that had the seisure. Britt left after a bit. I was talking to mawmaw for a while. Heh, she insisted on taking a picture of me in my ripped up dress.

So, there were good and bad parts to the night. All in all I had fun, and in any case, I'll remember this one for years. lol

El fin


girl, I was so annoyed... I was all cussing and shaking my head...lol stupid ass morons.... but there was still some that we didn't pick up... smashed bottle of crown with a huge stain around it, and some other boxes of crap... all in the North parking lot. And the thing is, the people that had brought all that crap left before we did. They were all out on the road, or had been at least. I'm surprized we haven't heard about people killed... I mean, it isn't like it was just one group of people either. It was spread out. uggghh!
Awesome. Sounds like you had a great time. ;)
yeah I did :P

January 2005

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