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Busy weekend

So, Britt and I went to the Homecoming game last night, which we of course lost. But we'll not talk of that... I had fun! I saw a ton of freakin people there that I know, some of which I haven't seen in years. As crappy as the football team is this year, I was absolutely floored at the sheer size of that crowd... probably not the most they've ever had in the stands, but there was quite the substantial number there...
I introduced Britt to a lot of my friends. Plenty were hitting on him, though Britt, being the imperceptive brick that he is (his words, not mine. I stole that from HIS entry, lol), didn't even notice. I informed him later of how big a hit he was. lol. My friends (the ones whose opinions really matter to me) really seemed to like him, and that really made me happy. He seemed to like the majority of people that we came across as well. I think he took a particular liking to Erin which really rox my sox. (she kicked his ass at burping, from what I witnessed. Yeah, Britt, you totally got schooled. But you really can't say that I didn't warn you :P)
OMG I saw Jessica! I've missed her sooo much! I hadn't seen her since May! She's still my Jessica. We had great fun. The old group was together again, minus Brett and Albie (but who ever really needed them anyway? lol).
I met some new people, and people that I haven't seen in years. I guess ball games are good for that.
Yeah, last night was grand. I wish Becca would have been there, though.

Tonight is Homecoming. I'm excited. This is my first one. I'm so glad Britt is taking me rather than some ass from school. I'm finding the majority of them to be rather insufferable lately. I really hope Britt has fun. No matter what he says, he won't ruin my night by being a "loser" or whatever, cause he just doesn't have it in him. I'm not worried about myself having fun, I just hope he doesn't regret taking me, :P.

Well I guess that's all for now. I'll probably update tomorrow or something.

Love you guys.



January 2005

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