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I am so fucking sick of this house! We got our grades back yesterday. I got 4 A's, 2 C's and a D... not the best grades, but they aren't exactly horrible. I definitely got more A's than I was expecting... Of course the D is all they focus on. So what if I have and A in math for the first time since middle school. So what that I have the highest grade in the Spanish 2 class. None of that was even recognized when anything but A's showed up. I told them at the beginning of school that I knew I was not going to make perfect grades. Junior year is supposedly the hardest, and I'm doing decently, but I still got yelled at. No good job, only it's not good enough, I want to see A's! arrrgh. I'm fucking sick of it. They actually have threatened to punish me if I don't bring them up. Knowing me I'll end up with all A's and B's except for like one and knowing them they'll be assholes and ground me when I don't have a life anyway. Being in school sucks. The best time of your life my ass. Hardly any of my friends at school talk to me anymore. I guess there's just nothing to say. I just hate this crap. I want out. I try to do the good thing and I end up getting screwed over. I've screwed myself over as well. I still have't been asked to Homecoming. It's next Saturday night. This is the first year I've even been allowed to go and I probably won't. What is wrong with me? Do I have the freaking plague or something? My life just sucks right now.

So much for venting being therapy... the more I think about this shit the more I want to scream, cry or both at the same time.



January 2005

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